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5 Tips for a More Sustainable Christmas

Ethical State Xmas Range

Introducing Ethical State’s five easy-to-follow tips for a sustainable Christmas!

Launched this year, our rapidly growing company hosts over 1,000 products from ethical, UK-based businesses, providing eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to anything you might need. So, where better to start making more sustainable changes than the holy grail of all occasions: Christmas?!

Brits send 100 million bags of rubbish to landfill each Christmas – that’s three-and-a-half black bags full of festive packaging per household.

On top of this, a typical UK Christmas will see two million turkeys dumped, 17 million Brussel sprouts binned, and 74 million mince pies chucked.

This excessive waste isn’t necessary and it’s harming the planet. But an amazing Christmas doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Have a look at our 5 top tips:

1. Sustainable Wrapping

Steer clear of any metallic and glittery wrapping paper – if you can scrunch it, it’s probably recyclable.

Go for sustainable soured natural papers or recycled gift wrapping and use tape sparingly (if at all!). Try string or even reusable fabric wrapping paper – no tape or string required!

2. Reuse

Save your reusable wrapping paper – just shove it in the cupboard until next year.

There’s also no shame in regifting! If you don’t love something or aren’t going to get the most use out of it, why not give it someone who will?

3. Buy Local

Now’s a great time to get out to local markets and fairs and support retailers who’ve have a couple of tough years. Also try to buy local food to support local growers and reduce your carbon footprint.

4. Buy Sustainably

Like the convenience of online shopping? There are still great options to buy sustainably online.

Buy ethically and sustainably sourced products from small UK businesses at Ethical State. Your money flows right into the hands of real people with a charitable donation and trees planted with every order.

5. Reduce Food Waste

Really think about previous years and the amount of people you’re having over – how much food do you really need?

And remember, leftovers can be eaten for days after Christmas and turned into all sorts of delicious meals. Want to go super sustainable? Have a plant-based Christmas!

Follow these tips and your festive season will be great for you and your family – and the planet!

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