Our Story

Our Story

Ethical State sprung from the seeds of one simple mission – to make ethical and sustainable shopping the norm.

The climate crisis is the defining challenge of our time, and the culmination of 200,000 years of human history. The survival of our species, as well as that of almost every living thing on this planet, depends on our ability to adapt ourselves to live in balance with the natural world.

This means being better – better to our planet, better to its wildlife, and better to ourselves.

The industry standard that defines global commerce is not good enough. Exploiting workers, destroying habitats, pumping out pollutants and ruthlessly diverting money into the bulging pockets of a greedy few.

It’s clear that something desperately needs to change. So we got to work.

Ethical State was established in 2020 to show that there is a better way for eCommerce to be – a way that is ethical and sustainable, whilst also benefiting small businesses and making a meaningful contribution to improving our world.

After all, it should be easy to shop with a clean conscience. That’s why all the products on our site are vetted to make sure that they are making our wonderful world better, not worse.

No exploitation, no damage to the environment, and no suffering.

All of our sellers are small businesses based in the UK, so none of our products are mass produced and there are no lengthy supply chains. It also means that every purchase makes someone smile, supporting real people who are working hard to realise their dreams of running a businesses and making a living from their passions.

We want to make sure that we play an active part in tackling the climate crisis and the myriad of issues that surround it, so every month Ethical State is showcasing and contributing to three charities that support causes close to the heart of our ethical and sustainable community.

Money from each order is donated to the charity of the customer’s choice to ensure that we all fulfil our role in bringing about the change that is needed to nurture a better world into being – for ourselves, for our descendants, and for all the amazing life that we share this planet with.

Shopping should be about celebrating and supporting the creativity of our incredible species, so we’re doing away with all of the things that darken our consciences.

Change begins with all of us, and Ethical State is committed to being the change that we need to see in the world.

By placing what is right above all else, we’re bringing about a new dawn for ethical and sustainable shopping – and at the heart of it is our vibrant community of buyers and sellers.

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