Become an Ethical State Affiliate

Ethical State was established in 2020 to show that there is a better way for eCommerce to be – a way that is ethical and sustainable, whilst also benefiting small businesses and making a meaningful contribution to improving our world.

After all, it should be easy to shop with a clean conscience. That’s why all the products on our site are vetted to make sure that they are making our wonderful world better, not worse.

No exploitation, no damage to the environment, and no suffering.

All of our sellers are small businesses based in the UK, so none of our products are mass produced and there are no lengthy supply chains. It also means that every purchase makes someone smile, supporting real people who are working hard to realise their dreams of running a businesses and making a living from their passions.

When you become an Ethical State affiliate, you become part of the solution. Working closely with our marketing and social media team, you will help to share our vision of a better, more Ethical State for our planet.

If approved, you will be paid a generous percentage of every sale you personally bring to our site.

We’d love to hear from you so please fill in your details below. Once you’ve done that, a member of the team will be in touch.