How To Offset Your Carbon

sunlight through trees

Why plant trees?

In 1896, a Swedish scientist named Svante Arrhenius wrote a paper in which he described the devastating effects of releasing too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, particularly as a result of burning fossil fuels. 125 years later, we stand on the brink of total ecological collapse, having spent decades ignoring the science, decimating the natural world, and pumping out ever increasing quantities of greenhouse gases. It goes without saying that we’ve made a terrible mistake, but it’s not too late.

earth from space

Planet Earth is an incredible, miraculous entity, and whilst the climate crisis is certainly the biggest threat that humanity has ever faced, nature has provided us with everything that we need to reverse the damage that we have done to it. Alongside protecting the wild spaces that love to soak up greenhouse gases – such as the ocean, grasslands, and freshwater habitats – growing trees is the best way that we can suck Co2 out of the atmosphere. It also has the added benefit of helping to bring back biodiversity and strengthen ecosystems.


How we do it

 We know that as an online marketplace, the Ethical State community is bound to generate some greenhouse gases, no matter what we do. That’s why we’ve partnered up with Tree-Nation, an organisation that works on the ground planting trees across 297 projects around the globe, with nearly 7.8 million trees planted thus far.

We got the ball rolling by planting over 2,000 trees before our launch, and we’re offering you the opportunity to offset your carbon footprint with every order by planting your own trees in the Ethical State forest.

 The Ethical State forest stretches across three continents and five countries – Madagascar, Tanzania, Nicaragua, India, and Nepal. Each project helps to promote local biodiversity, provides a stable income for people in impoverished communities, and undoes the damage done by deforestation – all whilst sucking up Co2!

When you buy something on Ethical State, you’ll be given the opportunity to offset your carbon at checkout for £1. Just tick the box and, along with your order confirmation email from us, you’ll also receive another email from Tree-Nation, entitled ‘Ethical State offered you a tree on Tree-Nation.’

Follow the steps in the email and Tree-Nation will plant 2, high carbon-offset trees for you! Make sure that you click on the ‘Plant your tree(s)’ button in the email to add your trees to the Ethical State forest. It all takes about 20 seconds!

Once you have clicked the button, you’ll be able to check out information about the species of trees you’ve planted, read about the Tree-Nation projects that your trees will be planted in, see exactly where they are, and download your tree certificate!

You can also sign up to offset your personal carbon through Tree-Nation, or plant trees in any of their 297 projects around the world.

Happy planting!