Froglife is a national wildlilfe conservation charity dedicated to the conservation of the UKs native reptile and amphibian species. Central to their ethos is to help as many people as possible to take action to conserve the UKs natural environments.

They are particularly active in encouraging diversity within the sector and, as such, they focus on people who for socio-economic reasons are often excluded from being able to help nature and reap the many mental and physical health benefits that nature provides us.

They deliver their work through three inter-connected programmes: Transforming Landscapes, Transforming People and Transforming Research.

Since 2012 they have transformed 2,293 landscapes by creating and restoring freshwater habitats and improving surrounding terrestrial landscapes with wildflower planting, building over-wintering and basking sites and creating neighbourhood wildlife corridors. An amazing 3,976 volunteers have helped them to achieve this.

They have transformed the lives of 96,000 people, namely young disadvantaged and/or vulnerable young people, people with mental and/or physical disabilities, people with learning disabilities, and people living with dementia.

Their Transforming Research programme focuses on applied research that informs their work, they are currently undertaking camera monitoring in numerous wildlife tunnels in the UK and Europe so as to establish their effectiveness for mainly great crested newts, but also other wildlife that use the tunnels.

They are working with the Open University on establishing a protocol to measure the social impact of our work on people.

Froglife doesn’t receive government funding and is entirely reliant on funding from grant makers, corporate supporters, public support and their trading activities. All of the profits from the latter are gift-aided to the charity to help the trust achieve its objectives.

Find out more about Froglife at, or on their social media – Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.