Our Values

What matters to us, what matters to you.

Here at Ethical State, nothing is more important than our core values.

These are the values that make Ethical State what it is; that drive our belief in a better tomorrow.

They’re the crucial ingredients of sustainable and ethical living. The things that matter to us, the things that matter to you.

Explore our core values below and shop by what matters to you most, all in confidence that you’re contributing to a more ethical world.

Because after all, isn’t that the way it should be?

Recycled Materials

Rubbish is rubbish.

These products are made from recycled materials, so that no waste ends up in our oceans, land or backyards.


Cruelty Free

Made with love, so that they can be loved.

We ensure no animal or person has been harmed in creating or testing the products sold on Ethical State, meaning each has been made with the loving kindness we all deserve.

Natural Ingredients

Dump toxic.

These products contain solely ingredients and materials that can be found in nature, ensuring we make use of what our amazing planet has given us. No unnecessary waste and no hidden nasty ingredients.

Better for us, better for our planet.

Sustainably Sourced

Living harmoniously with our world.

Everything sold through Ethical State is sourced with the planet in mind, making sure that our products play a part in keeping our Earth healthy.

In short? We never take out more than we put in.

Social Contribution

Let’s be the change that we want to see in the world.

All of the products purchased on Ethical State are supporting important causes, contributing to the communities that are making a real difference.

Small steps to a better tomorrow, both locally and around the world.

Plastic Free

For our wildlife, our oceans and our planet.

You will never find any unnecessary or non-recycled plastic in any of our products, meaning less plastic waste ending up in our oceans.

Ethical State will ensure that we, and every generation that proceeds us, are swimming with only the fishes.


Made from the planet, for the planet.

The materials that make up these products are naturally sourced, making them environmentally friendly and completely sustainable.

Made In The UK

Dropped off from ’round the corner.

All of these products have been made in the UK to ensure they benefit local communities and have a smaller carbon toeprint.

Vegan Friendly

Being kind to our planet means being kind to the animals that we share it with.

All of these products are vegan-friendly, meaning that nothing has been harmed in the process of producing and testing the things that you love.


Use, refill, reuse.

Reducing waste with refillable products has a huge impact on our planet, keeping rubbish out of our oceans and our countryside.

Simple yet effective.


Crafted, not manufactured.

All of these products are crafted with love and care, filled with affection and are entirely unique.

All with that distinctly human touch.