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2PK – Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Heads -Blue & Yellow


We feel that you can maintain your dental health along with your eco ethics, without compromise.

Its structure is designed to get into gaps and cavities of your teeth, ensuring your teeth are left clean and soft. Simply push the brush head onto its fitment; turn on your toothbrush and get cleaning.


♻️ Biodegradable – Our heads are biodegradable & compostable so you can have both a clean conscience and clean teeth.

🌍 Sustainable Materials – Our beautiful swan neck-designed heads are made from bamboo and bioplastics which are renewable and sustainable.

🌱 Eco-Conscious – Maintain your eco ethics knowing you’re using an environmentally friendly product.

🦷 Bristles – The plant-based medium bristles are combined with our multi V design making for a perfect dental clean.

🪥Compact Design – Easy to push on, lightweight, making them the perfect replacement head compatible with Sonicare range.

This pack features 2 multicolored bamboo electric toothbrush heads.

Materials & Ingredients

Bambo,Wheat Straw,Corn Starch,Castor Bean


All the brushes are boxed into recycled and biodegradable kraft paper. For shipping they are sent in sugar cane plastic wallets.

Sustainable,biodegradable & Plant Based Electric Toothbrush Heads.
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