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Beautiful natural linen cushion cover handmade with high care and attention to detail. Cushion front embroidered with beautiful face line artwork.
Sold as a cushion COVER ONLY


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Cushion Cover Size 18x18inch / 45x45cm
Embroidered front and plain back

Also great for our environment because linen fabric is an eco-friendly material and fully biodegradable.
Linen is more than happy to grow in relatively poor conditions. Which means that it is not only easier to produce; but it also takes much less resources and much less water too. Also it is 100% biodegradable! Over time, linen will disappear and it won’t clog up the landfills, causing a long-term issue. It is strong and it is durable, which means that you won’t be rushing out to replace it after a couple of months use.

Materials & Ingredients

100% Sustainable Linen


cardboard box and paper envelope. (all recyclable or made from recycled materials)

Elley Home

Unique designer cushions that not only look good but also are good to our environment.

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