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A5 Notebook – Red Orange Green Swimmer Print (Wolf & Badger X Kapdaa)


Traditionally hand-bound, ethical and definitely sustainable notebook. Cover made with elegant fabric offcuts by Outline London.


Since the notebooks are made from offcuts, not all of them look exactly the same, which is what we believe adds to their individual uniqueness.

Every notebook you buy, is one less piece of cloth that will be thrown into landfills. The notebooks you see here are a result of our collaboration with Wolf & Badger. All the offcuts used in making the notebooks are sourced from the designers that W&B houses.

Paper colour: Luxurious cream
Paper type: Plain

Materials & Ingredients

Fabric Offcut,recycled paper


Muslin and Bio-Bag made from Plants

Hand-crafted, sustainable, and upcycled products made from offcut fabrics, preventing landfill waste.
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