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Altfield Picture Frame – Cream Shiny


Traditionally handmade, ethical and definitely sustainable Picture frames, made with rich wallpaper offcuts from Altfield.


Since the picture frames are made from offcuts, not all of them look exactly the same, which is what we believe adds to their individual uniqueness.

Who Is Altfield

Altfield is recognised as a leading resource for beautiful Textiles, Wallcoverings & Leather, distributing a number of high end lines from around the world, together with a collection of smaller boutique and artisanal lines.

Altfield produces their own collections of Wallcovering, Fabric & Faux Leather, which blend perfectly with the brands they represent. Their lines embody the richness of design and material which have become synonymous with the Altfield brand, and offer the perfect balance between beauty and performance.

The combination of Altfield’s stunning Wallcovering, Fabric & Faux Leather and Kapdaa’s commitment to creating the highest quality products, notebooks and accessories made in collaboration also offer an unbeatable combination of the finest aesthetics and function – while helping save the world.

Materials & Ingredients

Fabric & Faux Leather


Muslin and Bio-Bag made from Plants

Hand-crafted, sustainable, and upcycled products made from offcut fabrics, preventing landfill waste.
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