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Bamboo Soaker Insert


Our super thirsty bamboo soaker inserts are perfect for adding extra absorbing power to your nappies. Bamboo is a great material for nappies, as it’s absorbent, breathable, naturally anti-bacterial and eco friendly.


These 4 layer soaker inserts are super absorbent, and the stay-dry fleece layer means that these are a brilliant addition to any cloth nappy. Ideal for heavy wetters or night time use, keeping your little one’s skin dryer for longer and preventing leaks. Snap it into one of our nappies, and use it alone, or mix it up with another soaker from our Hybrid Insert System for incredible absorbency.

Our soaker inserts are very versatile and can be snapped into any of our new range of HippyNut nappies, including our Pocket Hybrids, Wraps/ All in twos, Fitted and Pull up nappies.

This adaptable system means that you can easily customise the absorbency to suit your little ones’ needs.

Materials & Ingredients



We use paper to wrap every product in compostable mailer bags.

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