Bamboo Toothbrush – Medium bristles

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Did you know that every toothbrush you’ve ever used is still on this planet, unless it’s bamboo! Brush responsibly with our bamboo charcoal toothbrushes.
Our soft & medium bristles & branded bamboo toothbrushes are an eco friendly alternative to your average plastic toothbrush, made from sustainable bamboo with white bristles. 

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– 100% Bamboo Biodegradable Handle

– Handle gives you a good grip on your toothbrush

– BPA free nylon bristles

– Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial

– Each Toothbrush has its own plastic free packaging

– Absorbing plaque

– Reducing bad breath & odour


The Story Of Moira was brought together by two women who had met during the first lockdown in London and realised quickly that both their values aligned and they want the same – and that was to make this world a better place. We both were spreading a lot of awareness about excess plastic consumption on our platforms, so we decided to work together. Egle & Shaya both had the same aesthetic taste & vision so it was easy to build a brand together. We both believe strongly that the best thing we can do is simply become more aware of the consequences of our everyday choices and what actions it will have on the future of the environment. It’s not about becoming perfect overnight but about the desire to be better and make more informed, compassionate choices, not only for ourselves but for others, for our future kids and grand kids. We aim to connect with communities of people who feel the same and want to strive to be better.

Materials & Ingredients

Bamboo, BPA-free bristles


plastic free, made from paper


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The Story Of Moira

The Story Of Moira was brought together by two women who had met during the first lockdown in London

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