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Bamboo Toothbrush & Travel case


These two products go hand in hand. Our Bamboo Toothbrush with its Bamboo Toothbrush Travel case.
The toothbrush case will protect your toothbrush from germs getting into the bristles, keeping it clean. The perfect travel accessory in your travel bag. 
– It is naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and sustainable
– Bamboo toothbrush case is 100% natural
– Bamboo Toothbrush handle 100% natural
– Bamboo Toothbrush bristles are BPA-free
– 100% Biodegradable


The Story Of Moira logo was inspired by a powerful Viking rune “Inguz” which means “where there is a will, there is a way” together with “Moira” which is Greek and stands for Destiny/Fate we want to remind you of the strength you possess to keep going on your journey. We all have a story and that story is YOURS.
Everything in life happens for a reason, every person you meet in your life is because of a reason. Sometime you just need to open your eyes and trust the process.

Now and then we must take a different route in life than others and that can be lonely, even scary yet the importance is that we keep moving forward and keep evolving.
Every time you see The Story Of Moira logo, we want you to remember that we must each follow our own path. Trust that everything will work out as long as we stay true to ourselves. We want our brand to remind you that it’s never too late to start over.
A fresh new beginning each morning to decide what we will do to today that our future self will thank us for.

Materials & Ingredients

Bamboo, BPA-free bristles



The Story Of Moira

Moira stands for fate/destiny, trust the process and give back.

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