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BlackPop Frame- Pink random


Traditionally handmade, ethical and definitely sustainable Picture frames, made with lush leather offcuts from Sarah Haran.


Since the picture frames are made from offcuts, not all of them look exactly the same, which is what we believe adds to their individual uniqueness.

Who Is Sarah Haran

Sarah Haran creates Luxury Leather Handbags and Accessories, thoughtfully designed in Britain.

Sarah Haran handbags are designed with a straightforward, functional approach that has resulted in the creation of a range of luxurious, modular handbags that are both versatile and long lasting.  Functional, ethical and affordable they are perfect for carrying your life in style.Sarah Haran handbags are carried by some of the world’s leading minds, from FTSE CEO’s to Fashion Editors.

Hand-made by highly skilled technicians at one of Manchester’s oldest family-run production houses and a trusted Atelier in Spain, the entire collection is created using time-honoured, traditional techniques. We use high quality leathers that are sourced from an eco-friendly tannery on the outskirts of Venice.

Buttery soft, but incredibly durable, a Sarah Haran bag offers you a timeless piece of luxury that’s built with care to last a lifetime just like the notebooks and accessories that we make with Sarah Haran out of her beautiful excess and offcut leathers. Each notebook and accessory is handmade and eco-friendly.

Materials & Ingredients

Fabric offcuts,Faux Leather,card


Muslin and Bio-Bag made from Plants

Hand-crafted, sustainable, and upcycled products made from offcut fabrics, preventing landfill waste.
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