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Noor | Comforting Marjoram + Cedarwood

From: £22.00

From: £22.00

Feel comforted with this intense, addictive, scent with spicy, woody, sweet aromas.


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Transport yourself to the warm beaches, scorching sunshine and endless deserts of the Middle East with this comforting natural midi refillable candle. It’s fragranced only using pure essential oils. It’s an intense and addictive scent that will have you coming back for more.

It smells spicy, woody and sweet, with smoky and musky undertones. Sweet marjoram is comforting and relaxes emotions. Soothing frankincense, known as the king of essential oils, is powerful and brings feelings of overall wellbeing.

Cedarwood adds warmth and aids with grounding, while cardamom brings calming properties. Adding uplifting fennel, warming black pepper and invigorating clove to the blend creates a wonderfully balanced fragrance.



This refillable candles can be renewed in 3 easy steps, using our eco friendly candle refills. So you can keep your home smelling divine using the same glass again and again, and at the same time help Mother Earth by reducing waste. Buy a midi candle refill with your midi refillable candle and save 20% on the refill.

Step 1 | Clean your used candle glass with hot water. Try to avoid the label

Step 2 | Use a lighter or match to slightly melt the bottom of the candle refill where the base of the metal wick holder is. This will ensure the wick sticks to your glass and doesn’t slide around towards the end

Step 3 | Pop the candle refill into the clean glass and enjoy your new candle!



This comforting natural midi refillable candle is fragranced with essential oils only. It does not contain chemical fragrances or boosters, creating a subtle scent that never overpowers a space. It should be enjoyed in enclosed spaces to maximise the aromatherapy benefits

Always trim wick to 5mm before lighting

Allow the wax to fully melt to the edge of the glass before extinguishing to prevent tunnelling

Each burn should not exceed 4 hours

Each wick tab is secured to the candle glass using plastic-free adhesive. Occasionally the wick may come loose, if this occurs and the wick moves off-centre, extinguish the candle and contact us for a replacement. Never leave a candle unattended.



Wax: 100% natural wax – rapeseed and coconut

Scent: 100% pure, natural essential oils

Wick: Unbleached cotton and paper wick. No chemicals are used and the wick is not bleached or treated with chlorine. We wax all wicks in-house to avoid the thin coat of paraffin used on most pre-made wicks

Wax weight: Approx.150g / 5.3oz

Burn time: Approx. 36 hours

Materials: Glass container and recycled paper labels

*Please note, every candle is handmade in the UK and there may be slight variations in the finished product.

Materials & Ingredients

Rapeseed and coconut wax, cotton wick


The candles are set in a bed of recycled cardboard filling, garnished with dried flowers or fruit, then wrapped in black or white recycled tissue, held together with a recycled paper sticker.

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Every candle is vegan, clean burning and earth loving. We only use 100% natural wax.
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