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Reusable Bamboo/Cotton make-up pads


These fabulous pads are perfect for removing make-up and cleaning your face. Our Moira make-up pads are washable and reusable, there will be no more single-use disposables in your bathroom.
We are offering a pack of 16 round washable make-up pads. There are 12 x soft bamboo velvet pads (for everyday cleansing and make-up removal) and 4 x ‘scrub’ bamboo terry pads (great for deep cleansing and waterproof make-up removal).
These come with a 100% cotton wash bag.


We are all tired of using packets of wet over the counter wipes and disposable cotton pads, knowing that they are not doing any good for our environment. Let’s become plastic-free today!
We believe that plastic – free is the new future! We want to help to decrease the polluting our roads, seas/oceans and wildlife which ultimately filters back to us in one form or another.
Our products are Eco friendly & biodegradable. We plant a tree every week to make it up to Mother Nature for shipping our products to us and our customers.
Our Moira products are made of non – chemical and pure materials. We use materials such as Bamboo, Cotton, Glass, Metal and Beeswax. The products are made in Asia which is designed by Egle & Shaya, flown to the UK which is unfortunately not sustainable but there isn’t a sustainable option at this stage. Once they are in the UK, Shaya & Egle package the items individually.

Materials & Ingredients

bamboo and cotton


All our orders are sent in an eco friendly and 100% plastic free packaging.

The Story Of Moira

Moira stands for fate/destiny, trust the process and give back.

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