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White Minty Beeswax Dental Floss


Our White Moira Eco Biodegradable Floss is made from Beeswax and has a minty flavour. It is packed in a reusable glass jar, making it the perfect addition to your daily oral care routine.
The floss is coated with a mint flavouring and lightly lubricated bees wax, ensuring your flossing experience is as smooth and pleasant as possible.


Flossing helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease and should be an important part of your day to day routine.
We believe that plastic – free is the new future! We want to help to decrease the polluting our roads, seas/oceans and wildlife which ultimately filters back to us in one form or another.
Spool is 30M in length – 98 ft. Very easy to use, comfortable and soothing to your gums.
Mother Earth Approved: 100% Biodegradable, breaks down in approximately 60-90 days. 
Packaging: Kraft paper box.

Materials & Ingredients



All our orders are sent in an Eco friendly and 100% plastic free packaging.

The Story Of Moira

Moira stands for fate/destiny, trust the process and give back.

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